Volunteers needed for Special Olympics Meet Sunday

If any high school students or parents are interested in volunteering at the Special Olympics meet this Sunday from 1:30-4:00 at the Y please let Coach Mere know asap.

Email: headcoach@orilliachannelcats.ca

Huronia Short Course Regionals Article, Orillia Matters

Latest article posted on Orillia Mattershttps://www.orilliamatters.com/local-sports/orillia-channel-cats-swimmers-shine-at-regionals-839000 :

Victor Davis Schedule

Amended Events List

APPENDIX A: SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Victor Davis Invitational

Session 1: ALL AGES Timed Finals: Saturday, January 20, 2018

WARM UP: 1: 00 pm   START: 2:00 pm

Women’s/ Girls Events PROGRAM OF EVENTS Men’s/Boys Events
1 5 & Over 50m Freestyle 2
3 5 & Over 50m Breaststroke 4
5 5 & Over 50m Backstroke 6
7 5 & Over 50m Butterfly 8

Session 2:  ALL AGES Timed Finals-: Saturday, January 20, 2018

WARM UP: 4:30 pm   START:  5:30 pm

Women’s Events PROGRAM OF EVENTS Men’s Events
9 5 & Over 100m Breaststroke 10
13 5 & Over 200m Backstroke 14
15 5  & Over 200m Freestyle 16

Session 3: ALL AGES Timed Finals-: Sunday, January 21, 2018

WARM UP: 6:30 am START: 8:00 am

Women’s Events PROGRAM OF EVENTS Men’s Events
17 5& Over 100m Freestyle 18
21 5 & Over 100m Butterfly 22
23 5  & Over 100m Backstroke 24

Session 4: ALL AGES Timed Finals-: Sunday, January 21, 2018

WARM UP: 11:00 am   START 12:00 pm

Women’s Events PROGRAM OF EVENTS Men’s Events
11 5 & Over 200m I.M. 12
25 5& Over 400m Freestyle 36

Varsity Meet Opens Swimmers Eyes

The Orillia Channel Cats Swim Club recently sent five grade 11 and 12 swimmers to the University of Guelph Varsity Invitational Swim Meet.     This meet provides high school students with the opportunity to race against Varsity level athletes and hear from Varsity Coaches about their program and coaching philosophy.     “It was a great experience for our swimmers, I always take advantage of this meet because I see the value beyond the swimming.”  Says Head Coach Meredith Thompson-Edwards.  “This gives the swimmers the opportunity to check out the campus, talk to the coaches and other swimmers.

Varsity teams from University of Guelph, Wilfred Laurier and York University were in attendance.   Hughie Edwards, Chilyn Fenton, Jack Gordon, Nicolas Rainville and Meghan Wilson participated in the meet.   Individual Results: Hughie Edwards 3rd in 100 and 200 Individual Medley 6th in 50 breaststroke;  Chilyn Fenton 1st 50 butterfly, 3rd 100 freestyle, 4th 400 freestyle, 5th 100 backstroke; Jack Gordon 4th 50 freestyle and 8th 50 breaststroke; Nicolas Rainville 3rd 100 backstroke, 4th 50 backstroke and 7th 50 freestyle; Meghan Wilson 2nd 50 backstroke, 7th 50 butterfly.