Enhanced Safety

  1. Rule of 2 – Parent/guardian interactions (email and in person) with coaches and/or board members must include another coach or board member for observation.
  2. Coaches cannot be contacted within 24 hours of a competition to discuss results.
  3. Swimmers in Senior Novice, Bronze, Silver, and Gold must attend social media/safety training at the Orillia Rec Centre hosted by the Ontario Provincial Police.


Peak Performance

A positive and successful image will enable you, as a swimmer, and our team to have greater opportunities in the future. The way you present yourself not only reflects on you individually but also has a significant impact on the entire team. By projecting a positive image both in and out of the pool, you not only inspire confidence in yourself but also attract greater opportunities for growth and success. Whether it’s through displaying good sportsmanship, maintaining a strong work ethic, or showing respect toward others, your image sends a powerful message to others. Remember, success is not solely defined by performance in the water but also by how you carry yourself as an ambassador for our team. So, let’s strive to develop a positive and successful image together, unlocking a world of possibilities for ourselves and our team’s future.

The following are provided for practices, meets and various other team functions:

  1. The Golden Rule in sport is to treat others, as you would like to be treated yourself. Consider the impact your actions have on others and act with compassion and respect.
  2. Coaches and chaperones always expect respect and cooperation. Swimmers are expected to display a positive attitude, teamwork, and fair play in and out of the pool. Be always courteous in your speech and actions.
  3. Treat your teammates with care and respect — you are all working together. Respect the rights and properties of others. Learn to recognize and give credit for the goals and accomplishments of your teammates. Encourage younger or newer swimmers for their efforts.
  4. All team equipment should be treated with care.
  5. Show your competition courtesy and respect, applauding other teams’ accomplishments and your own. No advantages, except skill and effort, will be sought over others. By demonstrating good sportsmanship, we not only create a positive atmosphere during competitions but also foster a sense of camaraderie among all participants. It is essential to remember that swimming is not just about individual success; it is also about celebrating the sport. Applauding the achievements of others shows humility and respect for their hard work and dedication. Additionally, acknowledging our accomplishments with a sense of gratitude and humility helps maintain a balanced perspective and encourages ongoing improvement. Lead by example and demonstrate courtesy and respect towards all teams, both in victory and defeat, creating an environment of mutual admiration and camaraderie in the swimming community.
  6. Team uniforms (a club T-shirt and swim cap are the minimum) will be worn at all meets.
  7. Proper nutrition plays a vital role in the success of swimmers, both in training and during competitions. Swimmers require the right food to power their bodies because swimming is a physically demanding sport. A balanced diet ensures swimmers receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal performance. These nutrients help boost immunity and speed up recovery, which is especially important for swimmers who often experience intense training schedules. Swimmers should focus on incorporating nutrient-dense foods into their diet. Some examples include lean meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. A balanced diet with adequate carbohydrates, proteins, and essential vitamins and minerals helps fuel the body, enhance performance, and maintain overall health. By avoiding unhealthy food choices and opting for nutrient-dense options, swimmers can optimize their endurance and recovery as they work towards their swimming goals.
  8. Team members must be prompt for practices, warm-ups, departure times and meetings.

We intend to make our time together a rewarding and fun experience where we can grow together.