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In any team situation, members must be willing to follow specific guidelines so that the Team as a whole achieves the best possible results, whether at practices, meets, training camps or any other team functions. The following code of conduct will ensure that the opportunity to train and travel together remains enjoyable and safe for all. The code applies to all CATS swimmers who represent the club at practices, team functions and swim meets.

Any violation of the following codes will be first dealt with by the coach, and then passed on to the club’s appointed Discipline Chair if necessary.

1. Swimmers will conduct themselves in a sporting manner and respect their fellow athletes, coaches, chaperones and officials.
2. Swimmers will behave in a manner which favourably reflects on themselves, their families and the Channel Cats Swim Club.
3. Swimmers must comply with travel, training, competition, curfew and behavioural guidelines.
4. Swimmers are to follow the rules set out by the YMCA for use of the facility training, meets or team functions.
5. Swimmers will not use tobacco, alcohol or illegal substances during training, meets or team functions.
6. Swimmers will not abuse, bully or intimidate any person (physically or verbally) or damage property of the swimmer, the club or the facility.
A positive and successful image will enable you, as a swimmer, and our team greater opportunities in the future. To provide a better understanding of the code, the following rules of behavior are provided for practices, meets and various other team functions:
1. The Golden Rule in sport is to treat others, as you would like to be treated yourself. All other expectations come from this basic principal.
2. Coaches and chaperones expect respect and cooperation at all times. Swimmers are expected to display a positive attitude, teamwork and fair play at all times in and out of the pool. Be courteous in speech and actions at all times.
3. Treat your teammates with care and respect — you are all working together as a team. Respect the rights and properties of others. Learn to recognize and give credit for the goals and accomplishments of your teammates. Encourage younger or newer swimmers for their efforts.
4. All team equipment should be treated with care.
The following penalties could be imposed:
a) Suspension from one or more team practices;
b) Suspension from the current competition and being sent home at the parents’ expense;
c) Suspension from future team competitions and events;
d) Suspension from the team and the club;
5. Show your competition courtesy and respect, applauding other teams’ accomplishment as well as your own. No advantage, except for those of skill and effort, are to be sought over others.
6. Team uniforms (a club T-shirt and swim cap are the minimum) will be worn at all meets.
7. At all times, team members must be prompt for practices, warm-ups, departure times and meetings. Our intent is to make our time together a rewarding and fun experience in which we can all grow together.
1. At swim meets, it is the coach’s primary responsibility to help you perform to the best of your ability in the pool; therefore, coaches will deal with the swimming component at meets. Other matters (questions or problems concerning food, bussing, hotel, etc.) should be directed to the attending chaperones.
2. At a competition, the team is expected to sit together, share in team support, and be readily available to the coaches. While waiting for your swim at meets, swimmers are expected to remain involved in the meet by watching for and supporting their teammates’ swims. Cheering and encouraging your teammates is part of being on the CATS swim team. Use good judgment in your enthusiasm. Enjoy each meet and race you enter, your skills, knowledge and abilities will improve with every event.
3. At team meets, Chaperones must be told of and/or consulted if you are leaving the team situation for any reason.
4. Hotel rooms must be kept clean and tidy. If swimmers’ rooms are unacceptable they will not leave for the pool until rooms are cleaned (this may mean that the whole team is held up.)
5. Hotel room doors must be open if there is mixed gender in a room.
6. T.V. and radio sound levels must be kept down to an acceptable level.
7. Running or other forms of horseplay will not be tolerated in the hotel or any other public building including pool change rooms.
8. Curfew means settling down in your own room, quiet and lights out. You should respect your roommates’ need for undisturbed sleep. You not be out of your room after this point in time except to see a chaperone.
9. Only the phones in the chaperones’ rooms will be used for long distance calls.
10. The use of profanity around the team and staff will not be tolerated.
11. Team members should not engage in or listen to griping about others behind their backs. If you have a problem or a concern, contact the coach or the team captain.
12. Team members will practice good nutrition (no junk food at practice or meets).
Signatures below acknowledge that swimmer and parent/guardian have read, understand and agree to abide by the CHANNEL CATS

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PARENTS: Please keep one copy of this Code of Conduct for yourself and your swimmer. The second (signed) copy must be returned to the CHANNEL CATS mailbox or your swimmer’s coach as soon as possible.