About the Club

The CATS are a competitive swimming club in Orillia Ontario who train and compete as an affiliated member of Swim Ontario. We offer professional competitive swim instruction to males and females of all ages who have already achieved a basic swimming technique.
The Club’s group structure consists of Channel Kittens, Jr/Sr Novice, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each group represents a different level of ability and training requirement ranging from Channel Kittens swimmers, who are learning the basics of the sport, up to our Gold group swimmers who train seven times per week and can compete Nationally. In the past, the Orillia Channel Cats have produced Provincial and National age group Champions.
It is our mandate to foster excellence in our competitive swimming program from a grass roots level to the international level. Also to instill self-confidence, a good work ethic, goal setting skills, and team building abilities in our swimmers.

Our goal is to encourage participation in club activities, providing a sense of belonging, with a focus on personal excellence. The club promotes the development of commitment, integrity and self-esteem in our youth, through professional coaching. Swimmers enter the program at a developmental level, remain with the Club until they leave high school, and graduate with the ability to train and compete at a University level. Swimmers who pursue excellence as a member of the Orillia Channel Cats Swim Club learn discipline, commitment, and a keen competitive instinct that enriches all aspects of their lives. Channel Cats swimmers can apply the skills they learn as competitive swimmers in pursuit of personal excellence throughout their lives.

Swimming is an individual sport that is significantly enhanced by the team atmosphere of the Orillia Channel Cats Swim Club. Swimmers have success when they work together as a team, as well as individually, to realize their maximum potential. Successful swimmers not only strive for excellence in competitive swimming, but also become well-rounded, autonomous individuals who will continue to strive for personal excellence in all they do.

Orillia Channel Cats is a non profit sports organization, which elects a volunteer parent Board of Directors to direct the financial and administrative affairs of the club. This Board hires a professional swim coach, who directs the technical side of the club’s activities, hiring and training assistant coaches, as the program requires.

Whether you are striving to complete the first four lengths in Novice, or qualifying for Nationals, we will make this program highly successful.

  • "Excellence through dedication and commitment"

  • The club promotes the development of commitment, integrity and self-esteem in our youth