March Schedules all groups

We will dive into the pool very soon.    Please click on your groups schedule below:

Gold Gold schedule March 2021

Silver Silver schedule March 2021

Bronze Bronze March schedule 2021

Sr Novice Sr Novice March schedule 2021

Jr Novice Jr Novice March schedule 2021

Channel Kittens Channel Kittens March 2021

December Schedules All Groups

Click for your groups schedule:

Dec Gold schedule

Dec Silver schedule – Copy

Dec Bronze schedule –

Dec Sr Novice schedule

Jr Novice Fall 2020

Channel Kittens session 1



Jr Novice and Channel Kitten Schedules

Jr Novice Schedule (starts Nov 24): Jr Novice Fall 2020

Channel Kitten Schedule (starts Nov 23): Channel Kittens session 1

Fall Schedule 2020

Fall schedule once all training groups are in the water.     Click here: Fall schedule-ALL GROUPS

May June Schedule

This isn’t a full schedule, we wanted to acknowledge our sponsors as well as provide you with some positive thoughts  and pics of Coach Elaine.    Click here: May June 2020

March Schedule

March 2020 schedule

February Schedule

Feb 2020 Schedule