Orillia Channel Cats Return to Racing Safety Plan: coming soon  

Map of Pool:

Orillia Channel Cats Return to Swim Plan for members: Orillia Channel Cats Swim Club Return to Swimming 2020 Sept 11

New: On deck activation information (updated Oct 30, 2020): on deck activation covid

In person dryland information (updated Oct 17, 2020): Orillia Channel Cats in Person Dryland Training

Covid-19 Self-screening questions to become familiar with:Daily Self Screening Questions

Covid-19 How to self-isolate:factsheet-covid-19-how-to-self-isolate 

Pre-practice Swimmer Activation  (at home):Activation

Covid-19 Arrival and Exit Procedures and Changeroom Procedures (updated Sept 8, 2020) http://www.orilliachannelcats.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Arrival-and-Changeroom-Exit-Procedures.pdf

Orillia Recreation Centre Facility Rules: (August 19, 2020)Orillia Recreation Centre Facility Rules per Covid 

Orillia Recreation Centre Facility Rules #2:(updated September 11, 2020)City of Orillia – Return to Recreation Guideline 

City of Orillia Covid -19 Rules and Restrictions Aquatics (Sept 11, 2020)City of Orillia – COVID-19 Rules and Restrictions – Aquatics

Letter from President and Head Coach (June 4): Return to Water Info

Swim Canada Return to Swimming Version 2 (July 10):  FINAL_2020-07-10-Return-to-Swimming-Resource-Document-From-Swimming-Canada-V2-1

Swim Ontario Preparing for a Safe Return to Operations, version 7 (July 23): ReturntoOperationsSafely

Letter from President and Head Coach (July 28): July letter to members