Sashbear Webinar May 24

If you and your swimmer(s) are interested in learning about validation through the Sashbear Foundation, you can register online for the free webinar on May 24 7:30-8:30 pm.       Check your weekly email May 1.
Validation: A Key Skill for Supporting your Athlete’s Mental Health

The Sashbear Foundation works across Canada to share life-transforming mental health skills and education about the important role of families in youth mental health. In this presentation, speakers from Sashbear will discuss validation, a key skill that reduces stress and builds trust and closeness in relationships. Come learn about ways you can support your athlete’s mental health through validation.
About the Sashbear Foundation
The Sashbear Foundation is a charity recognized as a leading voice for Canadian families impacted by emotion dysregulation, suicidality, and related mental health challenges. Sashbear trains and empowers family members to share life-transforming skills, building community and hope through evidence-based skills programs, advocacy and education. Learn more at