Bead Reward Program Starts Oct 24

The Bead Incentive Program Begins Mon Oct 24 
We will be starting “The Bead Incentive Program” once again with our swimmers in Channel Kittens, Jr Novice, Sr Novice and Bronze.  Swimmers will be given a string that can be attached to their bags,  if beads are handed out swimmers will put them on their strings and begin their collection.
How can swimmers receive beads?  
Demonstrating training skills such as:
best effort, positive attitude, completing loosen up exercises, good listening, applying technique, bringing water bottle to practice, helping with laneropes/equipment, respect (not question) the Coach, enthusiasm and lane etiquette.
Coaches will secretly determine what skill prior to each practice that he/she would like swimmers to demonstrate and determine what swimmer(s) will receive beads at the end of workout.
  Coaches will explain this new program to the new swimmers this week and it will begin on Monday Oct 24.
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