Collingwood Meet Info Update

Saturday CATS warm up at 7:45-8:30 and Sunday 7-7:45.
If any of you have a canopy/blankets and are willing to share with the kids, please bring with you to the meet.      Also lawn chairs are recommended.   I believe we are to set up out on the patio area……

WHAT TO BRING – The pool facility is an indoor/outdoor setup where all teams will have a spot OUTSIDE of the pool enclosure. We can’t control the weather so all teams should have a sufficiently large tent or canopy w/ sides to house their team and keep them warm, dry and protected from the sun. We need the larger teams to pick a spot on the adjacent grass field (CCSC, OOSC, OSAC, ROC, etc.), while the other teams can pick a spot on the outdoor fenced-in patio area (which is a concrete pad so tents can’t be secured with stakes).

PARKING – The pool address is 451 Third Street, Collingwood (corner of 3rd & Spruce) and the lot will fill up fast. There will be parking assistants to keep things organized in the mornings. There is extra parking to the south at Mountain View School and along the west side of Spruce St by the ball diamond. Do not park elsewhere along Spruce or Third or you could be ticketed (signs are posted).  If possible for families to car pool, that would help a lot. CCSC families are asked to please not park in the main lot. This year we also have another overflow lot which is directly across the street from the Fire Dept at the Goodall plant (lot facing High St).

ACCESS TO STANDS – all spectators are asked to walk around the outside of the pool enclosure to the NE entrance for access to/from the stands. There will be portable toilets set up and a table for program & raffle ticket sales. Spectators are not to be walking across the pool deck to access change rooms, wash rooms, etc.

CROWD CONTROL – The stands will be crowded so we ask all spectators to please move from the stands when possible to make room for others when their swimmers are not competing.

FUN ACTIVITIES/EVENTS – a special part of our Meet is all the fun activities going on between sessions.  The annual cardboard boat race, famous lip synch contest and team cheer off are back. Clubs are also invited to enter swimmers into the tug of war challenge, water balloon toss or compete in fun focused team challenges. As always, the final event on Sun will be the Coaches (adult) relay. Each team is encouraged to enter a 4 person team to compete for their club’s ultimate bragging rights. Each club will be provided an ‘activity package’ when they arrive which will include event sign-up sheets and schedules.

TEAM SCORING – the team with the most points at the end of Session #4 will receive the coveted Life Ring trophy!

WARM-UP SESSIONS – sessions are split per below to balance the number of swimmers in the pool. The order will be reversed on Sunday morning (ie. session #2 on Sat swims in session #1 on Sun).

7:00-7:45am       warm-up session #1 (CCSC, ENSFST, NBYT, AAD, USC, BBBSC)

7:45-8:30am       warm-up session #2 (OOSC, OSAC, CATS, ROC, TRENT)

WATER BOTTLES – all swimmers, coaches, etc. are reminded to bring refillable water bottles. There will be a fresh water re-fill station setup near the front entrance near where the team tents are located.

RAFFLE – Be sure to buy your raffle tickets! 1st Prize: GoPro Hero 4 Silver (waterproof) valued at $600, 2nd Prize: 30 bottles of wine, 3rd Prize: 20 bottles of wine. (Each bottle valued at $15 +)

FOOD & BEVERAGES – Parents, no need to bring your breakfast, lunch or snacks, we have the best food going and those who have been at our meet before know what I’m talking about! Selection and pricing will be in the Meet Program.

OFFICIALSwe are still looking for timers so please help if you can.

Thank you everyone and see you all on Saturday!