2015-2016 Sponsor Drive

This year we are asking all swim families to find sponsors. For every sponsor you get, you will receive a $100 credit into your family account which can be used towards swim meets or other swim expenses other than registration.

I have attached the 2015-2016 Sponsor Drive Letter for you to print off.  Please email channelcatsponsorship@gmail.com with the names of the business you are approaching to sponsor. All sponsorship information and payment needs to be handed into me no later than August 28th, 2015 so we can start our sponsorship commitments at the beginning of the swim season.

all questions regarding sponsorship can be sent to channelcatsponsorship@gmail.com

Thank you and have a great summer

Toby-Ann Rainville

Orillia Channel Cats Fundraising Director.


sponsor drive 2015-2016