Message from our Fundraising Coordinator

This season has definitely been a different start compared to past years, but now that we are in the pool, I am sure that things will start to balance out and feel a little bit more normal soon.
This weekend would have been our annual TAG day and kick off to our fundraising, but as mentioned before the safety of our swimmers and community at this uncertain time is very important to us.   Many of the return to swim requirements necessitate extra fees to the club.   In light of these changes, we will be focusing a little more on some fundraising this year.
The bottle drive held earlier this year has brought in almost $1000.  Start saving your empties again, we will hold another drive after your Christmas and New Year celebrations.  (Date to be announced.)
Last week I sent out requests to join in our Fundscrip fundraiser, thank you to those families that have signed up and made purchases already!  This fundraiser will run all year long.   I encourage you to share with your family and friends.  Consider purchasing your grocery or gas cards in advance of the month.  Buying gift cards for Christmas gifts?  Do you know of a business that gives out gift cards to their staff?  Ask them to sign up through Fundscrip.  The cost is no different, but the benefit comes to the club.  If you require assistance or the unique code for the Channel Cats, please let me know.
Announcing the Christmas Fundraising Trifecta!! 
Over the next couple of weeks watch your email for information on “The Big Box of Cards“, “Bradford Greenhouses Poinsettias” and “All Star Coffee“.  These 3 fundraisers will be happening in November with a common pick up date in Early December (December 3).  Watch your emails for updates and confirmation.  There is something for everyone in these fundraisers, support the ones you want and a % of the profits will be credited to your family account.  Prizes will be given to the top seller of each fundraiser.
One last fundraiser, this one is an open fundraiser.  Orders can be placed monthly.  In the past we have offered Bedsheets as a fundraiser.  Past participants often ask for additional options to purchase these sheets because they like them so much, so I am going to offer this ongoing, each month.  Orders are due on the 15th of each month with delivery between the 1st and 5th of the next month  (e.g. Nov 15 for Dec 1st-5th).  I have attached the form to this email for your reference.  Please contact me directly if you wish to place an order.
Well that’s all for now.  Watch your inbox for more details to come.
Lorna Denne

Channel Cats Fundraising

Volunteer NLS Lifeguards Required

We are looking for volunteer NLS lifeguards to be the second guard on deck for our morning practices 5:45-7:15 am Wed/Thurs/Fri each week.

You can gain volunteer hours, as well as receive a Letter of Recommendation/Reference if required.

Please email Head Coach at

Orillia Matters Article, we are swimming again!