Collingwood Meet Notice Is Ready

Go to Upcoming Events, then click Collingwood Meet for info!

Warm up time change Sunday 12 & under session

Meet management has changed Sunday session 4(12 & under) warm up times to

11:30 with a meet start of 12:30 pm.   

All other times will remain the same.

Thank you see you in Waterloo at Wilfred Laurier.


Jeno Tihanyi Champs Meet Info

Meet notice will be available soon for this meet under Upcoming Events.      Please note the following qualification guidelines taken from the meet package.    Pay attention to line h on stroke 50’s.

a. Swimmers must have attained the qualifying standard on one event to swim one event. If they qualify in one event, they have three bonus swims (4 events total); if they qualify in two events they have three bonus swims (5 events total); qualify in three or more events (6 events total). Bonus Swims are to be identified in hy-tek entry using the bonus checkbox.
b.Swimmers can only swim the 400 free, 400 I.M, or 800/1500 free if they have met the qualifying standards
c. Swimmers may choose the 800 Free, or the 1500 Free – not both.
d.10&Under swimmers cannot swim the 400 I.M., nor the 800 Free.
e.10 & under swimmers must achieve the time standard for the 200 and 400 meter events in order to swim those events (i.e. not allowed to be bonus events).
f. The number of 400 entries will be limited to 7 heats total.
g. The number of 800 and 1500 entries will be limited to 6 heats each, 7 if time permits. Further heats may be added if time permits. Heats may be swum two-per-lane if time is limited. Please indicate an alternate event in case of oversubscription.
h.50 back, breast & fly cannot be used for qualification to participate in the meet. 50 Fly, 50 Back, and 50 Breast qualifying standards are for scoring only and these races must be checked off as bonus swims for entry purposes.