Mini Time Trial Jr and Kittens

Channel Kittens and Jr Novice Mini Time Trial: 
 Session one is coming to an end for Jr Novice and Kittens.  Every year for the last three, the swimmers participate in a “mini time trial” during their second last practice.   Both groups will be timed for a few swimming events and a kick event, times will be recorded for each swimmer to take home.    Our focus will not be switching from fun and technique to speed only-we just want to introduce them to the idea of a swim meet and give them something to be proud of.   
  Their mini time trial result sheet with a few comments will be distributed to each swimmer on their last practice.   Channel Kittens and Jr Novice last practice is Dec 14th.    We look forward to Session 2 beginning Jan 9.   
Coaches Mere, Elaine, Ken and Tatum