January schedule

January schedule is ready here: jan-2017

Saturday Warm up Times for Meet this Weekend

Hello all families whos’ swimmers are attending the meet this weekend.

FYI the warm up times for Saturday have changed slightly.

Saturday CATS will warm up from 8:30-9:00 am, on deck at 8:15 please.     Muskoka and Orangeville will warm up at 9-9:30 am meet will start at 9:45.

Sunday warm ups will remain the same, 8:00-8:45 am on deck at 7:45 please.      Muskoka and Cats will warm up at the same time.

Any parents who are helping with the meet are asked to please be there before warm ups begin, in order to be ready for the Officials debrief etc.

We have had some requests for swimmers to leave a bit early on Sunday due to other family commitments.     Due to the time of year, we understand completely however we still need swimmers to stay and watch the 800 and 1500 to support their team.      We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this.     We are hosting so it isn’t like you have to travel far to get home.

Thank you everyone, looking forward to a great meet!

Regional Qualifiers list

List of Regional qualifiers is posted in “Upcoming Events” then Huronia SC Regionals.    Look for link to pdf to see if your swimmer(s) have qualified.

Mini Time Trial Jr and Kittens

Channel Kittens and Jr Novice Mini Time Trial: 
 Session one is coming to an end for Jr Novice and Kittens.  Every year for the last three, the swimmers participate in a “mini time trial” during their second last practice.   Both groups will be timed for a few swimming events and a kick event, times will be recorded for each swimmer to take home.    Our focus will not be switching from fun and technique to speed only-we just want to introduce them to the idea of a swim meet and give them something to be proud of.   
  Their mini time trial result sheet with a few comments will be distributed to each swimmer on their last practice.   Channel Kittens and Jr Novice last practice is Dec 14th.    We look forward to Session 2 beginning Jan 9.   
Coaches Mere, Elaine, Ken and Tatum