10 min run, 10 min swim Sr Novice-Gold

We will have our annual 10 min run and 10 min swim aka Duathlon for Sr Novice up to Gold the week of Nov 30th.   Gold will do their duathlon this Thursday Nov 26 at 4:00 pm.   


Bronze Dec 1 4:00 pm

Sr Novice Dec 2 7:00 pm

Silver Dec 3 4:00 pm

How the duathlon works: 

Each group will run for 10 minutes then get in the pool and swim for 10 minutes.   We will be running on the YMCA track, to accurately measure each swimmer’s improvement from last year.  The swimmers will partner up and count each other’s laps- both on the track and in the pool.

All CATS (in the above mentioned groups) are encouraged to participate as we want to measure improvement from last season and give each swimmer a goal to work towards.  Plus a little variety is always a good thing!   We will do this again in the Spring, and there will be a prize for the most improved in each group!!

NOTE: Swimmers are asked to wear their bathing suits under their clothes so we can get in the water as fast as possible.  We will be using the Y track-all swimmers are expected to behave appropriately as there will be classes going on in the gym-a coach will be supervising the swimmers during this time.