From the Deck of Coach Meredith

Reports on Gold and Bronze: Welcome back to your training routine swimmers.   We have been working very hard on improving body awareness in all strokes and turns. The emphasis has been on executing the perfect streamline off every push, making their kickout mark every time they push off a wall in any stroke during warm ups, main sets, technique drills, warm downs etc.  We are seeing improvement here, but consistency is the key. This has to happen every push off in order to have amazing streamlines in a race situation-regardless of fatigue. We will keep working on this, as well as building up endurance and completing various drills to help with efficiency.

The Gold group is adapting pretty well to having 25 swimmers of various speeds in their group.  When planning workouts the number of lanes we have plays a big part on what we can do.     A typical week looks like this:   Mon am descending set, short rest repeats; Tues pm all sprinting; Wed am aerobic/distance set (to aid in recovery from sprint night) ; Wed pm technique focused with main set to reflect that; Thurs pm all kick night; Fri am land/small set, starts OR IM based sets (sometimes we will swim with land incorporated into warm up); Fri pm Time Trial then 30 minutes of butterfly. The goal is to expose our swimmers to a variety of training tools and energy systems in order to get the most out of their swimming. I encourage swimmers to always push past their comfort zone regardless of what the set is on the board…..quality over quantity.  We have had great success with our swimmers who have gone off to varsity swimming-they have a lot of swimming left in them because they weren’t over trained or burnt out with us.      Swimming their career bests post-secondary. That will continue to be my goal each and every season. Keep working hard swimmers!